Monday, October 26, 2015

the rest of 2014...

We had another great year at Candlelight at our church :)

We were sad Granny had to be in a rehab facility during Christmas, but we enjoyed getting to visit her....

Peg-P with Sam and Zip...

We had another great year of Christmas at Nana's....the kids did the pageant again and it was so sweet :)  Chase was Joseph, George was the drummer boy, Hank was a shepherd, and Zip was the star.  They all did such a great job!

Looking for Santa with Daddy on Christmas Eve in their hunting clothes that Peg-P gave them :)

Christmas morning!!!

Happy Birthday Jesus!!!

Pictures with George on Christmas Day at Pops and Mama Zo's house!

Christmas night at Peg-P's house :)

Happy 1rst Birthday Zip!

Sweet Zip turned one on December 12, 2014!  His first year flew by and he has truly been such a joy!  He is such a happy little guy....he is so so sweet at so laid back!  He just goes with the flow, and he LOVES being with his brothers and his Daddy and doing whatever they are doing.  We love our sweet Zip so much and he is always so much fun!!!!

I love that sweet smile!

Zip had a gingerbread man birthday party with just family.  We attempted to make gingerbread houses with the big didn't work out quite like I had expected, but it was still fun and they got to eat plenty of candy :)

Zip loves his Pops :)

more of 2014...

Fun times with family :)